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How We Work

We are not passive investors. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs. We partner with very few companies, and when we do, we roll up our sleeves and get to work helping on strategy, recruiting, and networking. We love having our hands dirty.

We will share our knowledge. Our goal is working together to turn something good into something great. You can draw from our history of creating disruptions in the marketplace, finding innovative solutions, building teams and attracting partners and customers. When good is not good enough, we can help find a unique perspective and change the rules of the game.

We prefer direct and honest communication. It beats fake and fluffy every time. We have strong points of view, including in our Board roles, but seldom vote against management teams. Our style may not be for everyone because we are direct. Some don’t admire our style but most who work with us do. We believe honesty and transparency are fundamental in our efforts helping you build a prosperous venture.

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