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Our Funds

We run two funds with distinct investment criteria. In our venture fund, we look for a disruption in the marketplace, in early to later stages. Our growth fund comprises more established ventures that enjoy a creative mezzanine funding to fuel their growth.

Venture Fund

We love innovation in all forms and will support a unique insight focused on a market poised for large growth. We prefer to see a strong core team and your understanding what is possible and what are the risks. Your plan should confirm your gut feel about the market, consumers, and competitors based on real data. We need to understand your view on what it takes, technology, resources and money-wise, to hit the milestones and the contingency plan.

Growth Fund

In our growth fund, we assume that you mitigated a much of the risks associated with an early start-up. You must have the customers and revenues to prove viability. For you, it is the execution, not technology risks. Your goal is to expand established know-how. We can support with mezzanine financing that preserves the power in the hands of the existing shareholders.

​Submit a business plan

Sending a full business plan to us is a great step for us to get to know you. We want to understand your story through a few pages’ summary in the form of presentation that does not need to be too fancy as long as it addresses our questions and the investment criteria. We will not sign a confidentiality agreement, but we assure you that no information you sent to us will be released to any third parties without your approval.

We undertake to review every business plan that meets our investment criteria and will reply to you within a reasonable time frame.

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