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What We Like to Work On

We look to support a carefully selected group of passionate entrepreneurs who are not afraid to push boundaries and strive to disrupt industries. We share the same passion that our founding entrepreneurs do in their quest to bring solutions to reality. We look for the best teams and support them to disrupt the status quo. 

In general terms, we look to support companies, people and ideas that encompass some, or all, of the following factors:

Contrarian Biases

Those who strive for innovation either in the form of technology or business disruption. Are you inventing a new market, or have you found a flaw in an existing large market that will change how we use and see that industry?

​A Better Mousetrap

Those who go beyond normal expectations. High impact innovations that have the potential to rattle traditional and conventional norms.

​The Speed of Change

Today's environment calls for companies, and founders, who work rapidly. The need for short innovation cycles is a critical must for new ventures to succeed and scale. We look for tenable data points that can be used to validate.

​Market Risk

We like risk as much as you do. But we like measured risk. We like to be in early and we prefer technology risk over market risk, and those whose ideas look to remove risk. We don't only focus on ROI, we want to build legacy companies with breakthrough DNAs.

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