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"Who you listen to and why, are the single most important and challenging questions any entrepreneur can ask themselves."

Sergei Tchetvertnykh

Founder of BRC Capital Partners

We all get inspired by remarkable entrepreneurs, but all of them started with a clean sheet of paper and a ton of grit. They understood that execution will beat a pure idea every time, so they rank their strategies accordingly. Some of them become legends, but others as eager and driven will knock on our door.

I miss my years as the entrepreneur, but I am as excited to get involved with a good team, together to challenge the status quo.

On the venture side, I’m most
interested in scalability of proven
technology that aims at disruption.

I grew up dreaming about AI so I studied cybernetics. Having seen a fully automated but a very isolated car assembly line, I had a change of heart and decided to study finance at the Richard Ivey School of Business of UWO.

I spent remarkable years working for the great firms, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch in New York, London and Kiev. The best thing the Wall Street gives is training, but only if you are ready to step up. I have my fair share of horror stories, the all-nighters, the workload, still I was thrilled every morning to go back to the office.

I believe in the grit. It’s not a skill, it’s
an attitude and a true commitment
of doing your best.  

My true passion for AI bloomed when I co-founded Infinium. All these years of training gave me the toolset to harness my true passion. Once again, I could not wait for the morning to come back to our ant-like colony of talented engineers that were pushing the boundaries of algo-trading.

Finally, I saw an entrepreneur’s perspective on the markets, something that advisors often do not get. Usually, it’s the information gap between the founders and the advisors, and the former are the ones who need to close it.

I strive to help our investees with execution. Having the right product, the team and the strategy are parts of our selection criteria, still it’s the ability to execute where I see an opportunity to add value.

I work through the board but occasionally I love rolling up the sleeves. I believe in accountability, so I favour effective project management. I know that incentives only work if the goals are properly aligned. I am the strongest believer that efficacy of every team member truly matters. 

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